When I couldn’t find my son!

The thought of my son getting lost is often the thing I dread the most. Well, it happened! On Wednesday evening, my little boy was playing in the garden.  Somehow he managed to get out of the enclosed garden area and for a horrendous hour, I had absolutely no idea where he was.  This was […] Read more »

Timeline – The Lengthy Diagnostic Process.

In line with my previous blog, I have made a timeline to depict the process that we went through in order to obtain a diagnosis:  October 2005 – HEALTH VISITOR Health Visitor report entitled ‘Home contact at Mothers request’.  This report details that I have concerns about my son’s hearing / development.  I was informed by […] Read more »

My introduction to autism

This being the first blog I have ever written, I have found it surprisingly hard to know where to start.  After some deliberation, I decided upon an introduction to myself and my first, personal encounter with autism.  I confess that this has been a really difficult venture as it has involved putting on paper some […] Read more »